Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Produk Etiqa jadi pilihan Masyarakat Cina!

Etiqa Takaful counter at One Utama (photo courtesy of Norzafry Norhalim, for more of his work, please visit )

The photo speaks a thousand words. This one was snapped at One Utama shopping complex during a weekday (last thursday i suppose). Since I’m not working full time these few months, i came to realised that our chinese friends spend much time at the shopping mall, reading books at borders, eating at ikea and drop off and pickup their kids at school, while most of my malay friends spending their quality time working to earn their living.

The photo shows a booth set up to focus on chinese customers judging from the timing of the booth, the language used on the noticeboard and the salesperson employed.

Yes, this is a booth set up by the chinese to target the chinese customer, promoting islamic finance product: TAKAFUL as an alternatives to the conventional insurance. I have nothing against them, and i want to congratulate my chinese friends whom have taken time to explore the benefit of takaful system and benefited from that.

My concern is while the non-muslims are ready to take the opportunity to get the best out of the islamic finance products (be it takaful, islamic trust funds, credit cards, financing facility etc) for whatever reasons, (mostly the reason cited are; better transperancy of the system, justice to both side of the transaction, uncertainties that are redeined etc), the response from muslim counterparts is very mixed, and not very encouraging.

I would like to encourage everyone to take the opportunity to evaluate what benefit can you get from these islamic finance products.

And to fellow muslim takaful agents, or agents of whatever islamic finance products, shouldn’t we who take the leading role in promoting the islamic concept of muamalah and products?

Or we just wait and see how others are benefiting from the system. If we do it, the rewards will be for us, in this world and in the hereafter, or we just leave others to gain and reap the commisions?

“Wa man jaahada, fa innama yujaahidu linafsih…

“And those who strive, verily the strive is for themselves….”

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